Friday August 18, 2017

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Restaurant Review: The Vegan Joint in Woodland Hills

July 30, 2017 We visit The Vegan Joint for healthier vegan cuisine (hey, just because food is vegan doesn’t automatically make it healthy — sugar is vegan, [...]

Meatless Taste Test: Impossible Burger at Umami vs. Beyond Burger at Veggie Grill

July 14, 2017 In this installment of Meatless Mondays, I compare the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger. Both are plant-based burger patties [...]

Wienerschnitzel To Offer 56-Cent Mustard Hot Dog On Tuesday Only

July 10, 2017 To mark the 56th year since John Galardi opened his first Wienerschnitzel in Wilmington, the Irvine-based chain tomorrow will offer [...]

SOCA In Sherman Oaks Introduces Globally-Inspired Lunch Menu

June 22, 2017 This week, Sherman Oaks’ new steak and seafood destination, SOCA, is introducing a globally-inspired lunch program ($14-25*), offering exclusive sandwiches, [...]

Find L.A.'s Hottest Food Trucks With Bistro Planet's App

June 12, 2017 The food truck revolution got its start in the city of Angels. According to, “Food trucks may be nothing new in [...]

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