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East Los Angeles Art Walk

The East Los Angeles Art Walk takes place every second Sunday of the month.

“IndigNation: Political Drawings by Jim Carrey” Thumps Trump at Maccarone Gallery

If you’re a fan of Donald Trump, here’s a pro tip: You’re gonna wanna pass on “IndigNation:  Political Drawings by Jim Carrey, 2016-2018” at...

UCLA Acquires Crest Theatre

UCLA announced Thursday it has acquired the Crest Theatre on Westwood Boulevard and said it would turn the landmark venue into a new off-campus...

House of Lucie Gallery Brings Photography’s Masters to Downtown LA

If you’re not familiar with the Lucie Foundation, let us shed some light. For starters, the name is Latin for light, so it's a...

NoHo Artwalk

Get ready, the second Saturday of the month is NoHo ArtWalk time! North Hollywood ArtWalk + Dance Battle (1st Place = $100 Prize) @ NoHo Pedestrian...