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Hanukkah Begins At Sundown Tuesday

Hanukkah, Judaism's eight-day commemoration of the temple rededication that followed the Maccabees' victory over a larger Syrian army in 165 B.C., begins at sundown...

Dodgers To Hold First Dia De Los Dodgers Celebration Against Diamondbacks

The Los Angeles Dodgers will hold their first Dia De Los Dodgers celebration at Tuesday evening's game, with fans encouraged to honor the spirit...

L.A. County To Mark Father’s Day With Museum Celebration, Remembrance Service

Events marking Father's Day in Los Angeles County on Sunday will include a celebration at the California African American Museum, a remembrance service at a Culver...

Thousands to Gather for Grand Park Downtown L.A. New Year’s Party

Tens of thousands of New Year's Eve revelers are expected to gather in downtown Los Angeles's Grand Park tonight to watch the countdown to 2016 and...

L.A. Parade, Festival to Mark Start of African-American Celebration of Kwanzaa

A parade, festival and candle lighting ceremony are planned today to mark the start of the 50th seven-day African-American observance of Kwanzaa. The 39th annual KwanZaa Gwaride...