Thursday December 14, 2017

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‘Hamilton’ Tickets Will Be $10 Through Lottery System For Dec. 19 Performance

If you’ve been trying to get tickets for “Hamilton” but don’t have the money and haven’t won the $10 ticket lottery, there’s hope.


The show’s producer announced Monday that every ticket for the 8 p.m. Dec. 19 performance of the smash-hit musical at the Pantages Theatre will be $10. The tickets will be sold using a lottery system through the Hamilton app, which is available at

“Before we leave on Dec. 30, we want to make it possible for another 2,550 people to enjoy the show for $10,” Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller said. “Accessibility remains one of our strongest goals and we will continue to explore ways to make `Hamilton’ affordable for those who cannot bear the expense of traditional theater prices.”

Hopeful theater-goers can enter the lottery through Dec. 17. Winners will be notified beginning Dec. 18, when they receive a single-use code from Ticketmaster that can be used to purchase one or two tickets. The tickets must be picked up at the will-call window beginning 90 minutes before the show, and ticket holders must immediately enter the theater after picking up their tickets.

In other news, two lottery players won $750K on scratchers bought in L.A. County.

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'Hamilton' Tickets Will Be $10 Through Lottery System For Dec. 19 Performance
If you've been trying to get tickets for "Hamilton" but don't have the money and haven't won the $10 ticket lottery, there's hope.

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